2004 Conference Program Sessions

Sunday,  8:00 am

Session 1A* Empirics of Entry
Session 2A The Relationship of Economics and Religious Values
Session 3A* Financial Crises: 1907 and the Great Depression
Session 4A* Topics in Race and Economics
Session 5A* Economics of K-12 Education
Session 6A* Development Microeconomics I
Session 7A* Intersection of International and Industrial Economics
Session 8A Don Lavoie Memorial Graduate Student Essay Contest
Session 9A Law and Economics II
Session 10A Teaching Economic Workshops: A Panel Discussion
Session 11A Health and Welfare
Session 12A Financial Markets and Economic Growth
Session 13A Public Policy and Property Rights
Session 14A Purchasing Power Parity
Session 15A Experiments on Law and the Political Process
Session 16A Issues in Forensic Economics
Session 17A Environmental Risk and Choice
Session 18A Experiments in Mechanism Design


Sunday,  10:00 am

Session 19B* Advertising and Television
Session 20B* Topics in Sports Economics
Session 21B* Evolution of American Financial Networks: Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take Those Externalities Anymore
Session 22B* Fifty Years After Brown vs Board of Education – Panel Discussion
Session 23B* Economics of Higher Education I
Session 24B* Credit Markets in Developing Countries
Session 25B Urban and Regional Economics
Session 26B Constitutional Issues
Session 27B Macroeconomic Analysis I
Session 28B Economics of Occupational Choice and Mobility
Session 29B Issues in Applied Econometrics
Session 30B Industrial Organization I: Technology and Information
Session 31B Economics of Wind Hazards
Session 32B Industrial Organization III: Empirical Results
Session 33B Learning and Group Dynamics
Session 34B Differences Between the Roles of a Forensic Economist for the Plaintiff and for the Defendant in Personal Injury/Wrongful Death Litigation – Roundtable Discussion
Session 35B International Environmental Economics
Session 36B Economics of Marriage and Cohabitation
Session 37B SEA Board of Trustees Luncheon Meeting


Sunday,  1:15 pm

Session 38C* Airlines, Empirically
Session 39C* Empirical IO
Session 40C* Children and the Family
Session 41C Environmental Management
Session 42C* Issues in Education
Session 43C* Development Microeconomics II
Session 44C* Empirical Implications/Tests of Social Capital
Session 45C Market-Process Approaches to Political Economy
Session 46C Applied Microeconomic Analysis
Session 47C* The Humble Truth: Honoring Leland Yeager I
Session 48C Macroeconomic Issue of Various Countries
Session 49C Can Undergraduate Students DO Research?
Session 50C Topics in the Status of Hispanics in the U.S.
Session 51C Economics of Charitable and Non-Profit Organizations
Session 52C Trust
Session 53C Workshop on Calculating Work Probabilities Using the Markov Increment-Decrement Worklife Expectancy Model
Session 54C Environmental Economics in Urban Settings
Session 55C E-Commerce Experiments


Sunday,  3:15 pm

Session 56D International Political Economy and Institutions
Session 57D Fiscal Policy and Economic Stabilization
Session 58D Teaching Economics
Session 59D Trade, Growth, and Political Economy
Session 60D Antitrust Issues
Session 61D* Pricing Strategies
Session 62D* Industrial Organization and Health Care Markets
Session 63D Public Choice
Session 64D Austrian Themes in the History of Economic Thought
Session 65D* The Humble Truth: Honoring Leland Yeager II
Session 66D Economics of Exports and Components
Session 67D Economic Education I
Session 68D Price Determination: Theories and Evidence
Session 69D* Macroeconomics: Back to the Future
Session 70D Tax Policy
Session 71D Effects and Effectiveness of Monetary Policy
Session 72D Institutions and Economic Development
Session 73D Risk and Value Elicitation Experiments


Sunday,  5:15 pm

Session 74E* Distinguished Guest Lecture


Sunday,  6:15 pm

Session 75F Georgescu-Roegen Prize in Economics Presentation
Session 76F Post-Lecture Cash Bar & Job Market Poster Fair


Monday,  8:00 am

Session 78G* Media Bias
Session 79G* Skills Formation and Human Capital Development
Session 80G* The Monetary Interpretation of Macroeconomic History
Session 81G* Teaching Economics: Principles from the Masters
Session 82G* Sports and Gaming
Session 83G The Intellectual Tyranny of the Status Quo
Session 84G* Public Economics: Issues in Taxation
Session 85G* Tax Competition II
Session 86G Roundtable: South Royalton 30 Years Later
Session 87G Time Series Econometrics
Session 88G Trade, Wages, and the Public Sector
Session 89G Coordination Games
Session 90G Co-Integration and Empirical Applications to Money Demand and Expectations Hypotheses
Session 91G Wage Determination
Session 92G* Factor Intensity and FDI
Session 93G Auction Experiments
Session 94G Environmental Policy
Session 95G Industrial Organization IV: Firms and Aggregates
Session 96G Fertility, Human Capital, and Development
Session 97G The Economics of Education I
Session 98G Some Economic Policy Legacies at Mid-Decade


Monday,  10:00 am

Session 99H* Advertising and Search
Session 100H What Have Been the Labor Market Costs of the Erosion in the Economy’s Automatic Stabilizers?
Session 101H* Applied Industrial Organization
Session 102H* School Choice
Session 103H* Education Outcomes and Policies
Session 104H* Topics in Health Economics
Session 105H Do Economists Reach a Conclusion?
Session 106H* Welfare Reform
Session 107H Complexity Science
Session 108H Macroeconomic Analysis II
Session 109H* Guns, Drugs, and Crime
Session 110H Decision Making Experiments
Session 111H Topics in Economics Education
Session 112H Employment, Income, and Income Inequality
Session 113H Topics in Microeconomics
Session 114H Eliciting Cooperation
Session 115H Land Use
Session 116H Law and Economics I
Session 117H Econometric Methods and Tests
Session 118H Empirical Law and Economics, Public Choice Style
Session 119H Coase, Hayek and Schumpeter


Monday,  1:00 pm

Session 120J* Association Lecture


Monday,  2:15 pm

Session 121K* Two-Sided Markets
Session 122K* The Economics of the Great Depression
Session 123K* Sports Labor Markets
Session 124K* Structural Models in Labor and Public Economics
Session 125K* New Methods for Empirical Macroeconomists
Session 126K* China’s Financial System
Session 127K* The Determinants of Health Outcomes
Session 128K* Welfare and Work
Session 129K Investigating the Practices and Institutions of Academic Economics
Session 130K International Economics and Trade
Session 131K Investment Finance
Session 132K Trade, Technology, and Environmental Issues
Session 133K Economic Analysis of the Status of Women
Session 134K* Tax Competition I
Session 135K Interest Groups, Institutions, and Policy
Session 136K The Economics of Gambling
Session 137K Valuation
Session 138K Food Stamps and Family Well-Being
Session 139K Renewable Resources
Session 140K Graduate Student Session: Empirical Studies of Health, Human Capital, and Income Distribution
Session 141K Labor Economics and Human Capital


Monday,  4:15 pm

Session 142L Presidential Address
Session 143L* Southern Economic Association Business Meeting


Tuesday,  8:00 am

Session 151N* Drug Advertising
Session 152N* Health Care Provision and Utilization
Session 153N* Families and Welfare Programs
Session 154N* Inference in the Presence of Measurement Error
Session 155N* Trade and Political Economy I
Session 156N* Technology Shocks and Macroeconomic Fluctuations
Session 157N* The Economics of Aging
Session 158N* The Industrial Revolution
Session 159N* Economics of Education II
Session 160N Risk Aversion Experiments: From the Lab to the Field
Session 161N Microeconomic Behavior in Sports
Session 162N Alternative Monetary Regimes
Session 163N Applied Economic Issues
Session 164N Productivity Topics in Energy and Environmental Economics
Session 165N Real-Time Data Analysis
Session 166N Fisheries
Session 167N Roundtable: Hayek’s Challenge by Bruce Caldwell
Session 168N International Business Cycles
Session 169N Shocks, Cycles, and Welfare
Session 170N Graduate Student Session: Theory and Hypothesis Testing
Session 171N Issues in Public Sector Economics


Tuesday,  10:00 am

Session 172P* The Changing Nature of Retirement Saving
Session 173P Alcohol Consumption
Session 174P* Econometrics: Methods and Applications
Session 175P* Economics and the NCAA
Session 176P* Trade and Political Economy II: Honoring Ed Tower
Session 177P* Exchange Rates and Asian Exports
Session 178P* The Economics of Crime
Session 179P* Measuring Firm Efficiency
Session 180P* Institutional Determinants of Patenting and Patent Litigation Outcomes
Session 181P Bargaining, Taking and Experience
Session 182P Topics in the Economics of Obesity
Session 183P Exchange Rates: Cause and Effect
Session 184P Technological Change and Economic Growth
Session 185P Economics of Labor Supply and Fertility
Session 186P Applied Microeconomics
Session 187P Natural Resources
Session 188P The Knowledge Problem in Diverse Contexts
Session 189P Big Government: Forces and Trends
Session 191P Charity Fundraising
Session 192P Issues in Political Economy


Tuesday,  12:30 pm

Session 193Q* Economics of Higher Education II
Session 194Q* Determinants of Academic Performance
Session 195Q* Pricing in Sports Markets
Session 196Q Health Policy and Individual Decision Making
Session 197Q Child Welfare and Family Structure
Session 198Q* Open Economy Macroeconomics
Session 199Q The Behavior of Asset Prices
Session 200Q* International Trade
Session 201Q Sports Economics History
Session 202Q Economic Policy and Welfare
Session 203Q Economics of Trade Openness
Session 204Q Public Finance
Session 205Q Topics in Economic History
Session 206Q The Character Problem in Economics
Session 207Q Prices, Business Fluctuations, and Cycles
Session 208Q Experiments in Games and Decisions
Session 209Q Applications of Market-Process Theory
Session 210Q Topics in Econometric Theory
Session 211Q Empirical Studies of Gender and Discrimination
Session 212Q Income Inequalities
Session 213Q Utilities and Transportation


Tuesday,  2:30 pm

Session 214R* Program Evaluation
Session 215R Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Development, and Growth I
Session 216R Topics on Income Distribution
Session 217R Health Policy and the Health Services Industry
Session 218R Applications of Bayesian Methods in Economic Theory and Econometrics
Session 219R Macroeconomics and International Finance
Session 220R Topics in Health Economic Policy
Session 221R Social Welfare, Human Capital, and Mobility
Session 222R Energy and Environmental Policy
Session 223R Industrial Organization II: Theory and Theory Testing
Session 224R Wages and Labor Outcomes: International Evidence
Session 225R The Economics of Volunteerism, Adolescence and the Elderly
Session 226R Bank Credit
Session 227R Foreign Direct Investment, Economic Development, and Growth II
Session 230R Conceptual Issues in Market-Process Theory