SEA Conference Program Sessions – 2014

Friday, 5:00 p.m.

Session 00R1 Registration

Saturday, 7:30 a.m.

Session R2 Registration

Saturday, 7:30 a.m.

Session S1 Continental Breakfast

Saturday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 03A* Government Policy and the Macroeconomy
Session 04A* Gender and the Labor Market
Session 05A* Deception
Session 06A* Research in Economic Education I
Session 07A* Parental Investment and Child Outcome
Session 08A Labor and Housing Markets
Session 09A* Health and Behavior
Session 11A* Airline Economics: Pricing, Entry, and Product Quality
Session 12A* Frontiers of Research in Economic History
Session 13A* Topics in Conflict Economics
Session 14A* Distortions and Productivity in International Economics
Session 15A* Experimental Political Economy
Session 16A Health and Development in Africa
Session 17A Topics in Economic Freedom
Session 18A Two Koreas
Session 19A* Issues in Macroeconomics
Session 20A* Economics of Higher Education I
Session 21A Labor Market Experiences and Well-Being of Undocumented Immigrants
Session 22A Applied Microeconomics
Session 23A Collegiate Sports I
Session 24A Market and Auction Experiments
Session 25A Energy
Session 26A Firm Behavior
Session 27A Liberal Learning and the Art of Self-Governance
Session 28A Austrian Business Cycle Theory


Saturday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 02B* Experiments in Personnel Economics
Session 03B* Public Infrastructure, Growth, and Inequality
Session 04B* Occupational Choice, Career Development and Gender
Session 05B* Coordination and Collusion in the Lab
Session 06B* Research in Economic Education II
Session 07B* The Economics of the Marriage Market
Session 08B Education and Health
Session 09B* Health, Crime, and the Environment
Session 11B* Price Dispersion, Demand Uncertainty and Capacity Utilization
Session 12B* Political Economy of Economic History
Session 13B* Economic Consequences of Violent Conflict
Session 14B* Multiple Price Lists: Best Practices and Complications
Session 15B* Motivation in the Public and Nonprofit Sectors
Session 16B Multidimensional Outcomes, Health Rankings, and Inequality
Session 17B Empirical Political Economy and Urban Economic Growth
Session 18B Gender Inequality, Immigrants, and Labor Market Friction
Session 19B* Macro-Finance Topics
Session 20B* Field Experiments and Residential Energy Demand
Session 21B Employment, FDI and Competition
Session 22B Macroeconomics and International Economics
Session 23B Collegiate Sports II
Session 24B Risk Preference Experiments
Session 25B Hazards
Session 26B Experiments
Session 28B Business Cycles and Finance


Saturday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 02C Estimation Approaches
Session 03C Labor and Public Policy
Session 04C* Structural Models of Labor and Location
Session 05C* Topics in Microeconometrics
Session 06C Childhood Interventions and Health
Session 07C Individual and Household Characteristics
Session 08C Risky or Criminal Behaviors
Session 09C The Economics of Autism
Session 11C* Recent Developments in Complexity Economics
Session 12C* Mundane Economics
Session 13C* Law and Economics I
Session 14C* International Trade I
Session 15C* Extra-Lab Experiments
Session 16C Inequality and Redistribution I
Session 17C Empirical State and Local Political Economy
Session 18C Growth, Public Debt, and Financial Market Stability
Session 19C* Open Economy Macroeconomics
Session 20C Energy Economics I
Session 21C Topics in Global Inequality
Session 23C Teaching and Sports Economics I
Session 24C Time Preference Experiments
Session 25C Fisheries
Session 26C Top Ten Tips for Young Economists: Teaching, Research and Service
Session 27C Monetary History
Session 28C Freedom, Politics and Culture


Saturday, 2:45 p.m.

Session S2 Complimentary Beverages


Saturday, 3:00 p.m.

Session 02D* Social Interaction and Pro-Social Behavior
Session 03D* State Fiscal Policy
Session 04D Macroeconomic Methods
Session 05D* Empirical Microeconomics
Session 06D Higher Education
Session 07D* Marriage, Families, and Divorce
Session 08D Economics of Higher Education II
Session 09D* Disability and Public Policy
Session 11D* Empirical Behavioral Economics
Session 12D* American Economic History
Session 13D* Law and Economics II
Session 14D* International Trade II
Session 15D Local Governments and Intergovernmental Relations
Session 16D Inequality and Redistribution II
Session 17D Public Finance Policies and Consequences
Session 18D Cross-Country Growth and Convergence
Session 19D Macroeconomics
Session 20D Designing Economics Courses
Session 21D Human Capital and Housing Outcomes
Session 23D Teaching and Sports Economics II
Session 24D Crime and Punishment Experiments
Session 25D Health
Session 26D Governments, Climate, and Natural Disasters
Session 27D Austrian Monetary Economics
Session 28D Public Policy


Saturday, 5:00 p.m.

Session DG Distinguished Guest Lecture


Saturday, 6:15 p.m.

Session DR Distinguished Guest Lecture Reception


Sunday, 7:30 a.m.

Session R3 Registration


Sunday, 7:30 a.m.

Session S3 Continental Breakfast


Sunday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 01F* Challenges in Regulatory Benefit-Cost Analysis
Session 02F* Contests and Conflicts in the Laboratory
Session 03F* Federal Fiscal Policy
Session 04F Female Labor Supply
Session 05F* Family and Household Economics
Session 06F* K-12 and Higher Education Policy
Session 07F* Fertility and Early Human Capital Accumulation
Session 08F Economics of Education I
Session 09F Health Care, Learning and Misinformation
Session 11F Behavioral Economics I
Session 12F For the Least of These: A Biblical Answer to Poverty
Session 13F Issues in Agriculture, Health and Labor
Session 14F Antitrust Economics
Session 15F Effects of Incentive Pay and Working Conditions
Session 16F Housing, Debt and Inequality
Session 17F Aid and Charity
Session 18F Applications of Generalized Maximum Entropy Methods
Session 19F Short Run Fluctuations and the Macroeconomy
Session 20F* Topics in Energy and Resource Economics
Session 21F Immigration
Session 22F* Low-Income Housing Policy
Session 23F Legal Issues in Sports Economics
Session 24F Capital and Banking Experiments
Session 25F Water
Session 26F Three Christian Reviews of Free Market Economics
Session 27F Heterogeneity in Austrian Political Economy
Session 28F Disasters and Governance


Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 01G* Issues in Public Sector Economics
Session 02G* Nonparametric Methods: Easier to Use and More Useful Than You Might Think
Session 03G* Governance Without the State
Session 04G* Employment and Policy
Session 05G* Risky Curves: Expected Utility and Empirical Content
Session 06G Student Academic Achievement
Session 07G* Changes in the Household: Employment, Expenditure, Fertility
Session 08G Pharmaceutical Drugs
Session 09G Health Outcomes of Older Americans
Session 11G Crime, Violence and Development
Session 12G A Christian Critique of Capitalism
Session 13G* Food Assistance and Food Insecurity
Session 14G Trade and Industrial Organization
Session 15G Compensating Wage Differentials
Session 16G Real-Time Expectations and Monetary Policy
Session 17G Volunteerism and Charitable Giving
Session 18G Racial Inequality in Health, Wages, and Location
Session 19G Banking and the Macroeconomy
Session 20G* Natural Hazards
Session 21G Migration and Policy
Session 22G Corruption and Institutions Abroad
Session 23G Sports Economics I
Session 24G Public Goods Experiments
Session 25G Recreation
Session 26G Pollution
Session 27G The Political Economy of Entrepreneurial Capitalism
Session 28G Hayek


Sunday, 12:00 Noon

Session PL Presidential Address, Luncheon, and Business Meeting


Sunday, 2:00 p.m.

Session 01H* Policy Perspectives
Session 02H* Social Network and Social Distance
Session 03H Studies in Governments Doing a Poor Job
Session 04H Profit-Seeking, Benefits Tax, Institutions, and Municipal Government Performance
Session 05H* An Eclectic Selection of Economic Experiments
Session 06H* Topics in the Economics of Education
Session 07H* Integrating Genetics in Economic Analysis
Session 08H* Changing School Calendars: Effects on Teachers and Students
Session 09H Mental Health
Session 11H Corruption and Elections
Session 13H In-Kind Food Assistance Programs
Session 14H* Economics of Antidumping
Session 15H Human Capital and Urban Growth
Session 16H* Structural Models of Unemployment Insurance, Retirement, and Long-Term Care
Session 17H* Entrepreneurship, Financial Systems and Economic Development
Session 18H Economic Measurement
Session 20H* Health Policy and Health Economics
Session 21H Housing Markets and Home Ownership
Session 22H The Road to Serfdom Revisited
Session 23H Sports Economics II
Session 24H Health and Hospital Experiments
Session 25H Natural Resources
Session 26H Incentives and Valuation of Environmental Goods
Session 27H War and Conflict
Session 28H Equilibration, Cycles and Returns


Sunday, 3:45 p.m.

Session S4 Complimentary Beverages


Sunday, 4:00 p.m.

Session 01I Influencing Behavior: Sanctions and Inspections
Session 02I* Credit and Asset Prices: New Time Series Tools, Indicators
Session 03I State Regulation
Session 04I Trade and Trade Agreements
Session 05I* Experiments with Networks
Session 06I* Research on Higher Education
Session 07I Births, Abortion and Contraception
Session 08I* School Choice and Efficiency
Session 09I Supply and Demand of Health
Session 11I Conflict and Terrorism Issues
Session 12I* Experiments in Charitable Giving: The Science of Philanthropy
Session 13I* The Economics of Substance Use
Session 14I* Topics in Health Economics
Session 15I Urban Growth and Regional Performance
Session 16I Central Banks and Unconventional Monetary Policy
Session 17I Development
Session 18I Economic Thought Outside the Box
Session 19I Topics in Macroeconomics: Inflation
Session 20I Energy and the Environment
Session 21I e-Commerce and Retail Pricing
Session 22I* How to Give a Good Research Presentation
Session 23I Sports Economics III
Session 24I Game Theory Experiments
Session 25I Stated Preferences
Session 26I Renewable Energy
Session 27I The Morality of Capitalism: Roundtable on the Meaning of Markets (Brennan and Jaworski)
Session 28I A Random Walk


Sunday, 6:00 p.m.

Session AL Association Lecture


Monday, 7:30 a.m.

Session R4 Registration


Monday, 7:30 a.m.

Session S5 Continental Breakfast


Monday, 8:00 a.m.

Session 01J* Banking and Financial Regulation
Session 02J Exploring Labor Economics Using Time Use Data
Session 03J Fiscal Policy and Debt
Session 04J The Status of Women and Minorities in the Economics Profession
Session 05J Topics in Public Finance
Session 06J* Improving Education Outcomes in Developing Countries
Session 07J Development Topics and Policies
Session 08J Economics of Education II
Session 09J Current Economic Issues in Health and Housing
Session 11J Crime I
Session 13J Smoking, Drinking, and Sexual Behaviors of Adolescents
Session 14J Topics in International Trade I
Session 15J Household Consumption and Saving
Session 16J Quantity Discounts, Cybersecurity, Corruption, and School Quality. Oh My!
Session 17J Corruption
Session 18J Employment Effects
Session 19J Monetary Policy and Financial Markets
Session 20J Price Volatility, Persistence, and Forecasting
Session 21J Road Construction and Public Finance
Session 23J Some Economic Issues in the NBA
Session 24J Finance, Accounting, and Real Estate Experiments
Session 25J Energy and Environment
Session 26J Analysis of Trade Issues Using Disaggregated Data: Labor Market Effects, Search Costs, and Policy Cyclicality
Session 27J Carl Menger Essay Contest Winning Papers
Session 28J Health Care Spending


Monday, 10:00 a.m.

Session 01K* From the Bureau of Labor Statistics: Research on International Trade, Regional Shifts in Occupations, and National Patterns of Consumer Expenditures and Income
Session 02K Models of Firm Employment Behavior
Session 03K Capital and Investment
Session 04K Women and Development
Session 05K Topics in Applied Macroeconomics
Session 06K Economics of Education Policy and Human Capital
Session 07K Foreign Aid, Remittances, and Economic Freedom
Session 08K Technology in Economics Teaching
Session 09K Consumer Search
Session 11K Crime II
Session 12K Trade, Immigration, and Labor Markets
Session 13K Civil Conflict
Session 14K Topics in International Trade II
Session 15K Health, Marriage and Pay
Session 16K Market Responses to Demand Characteristics
Session 17K Topics in Economic Development
Session 18K The Government’s Ability to Influence the Economy
Session 19K Monetary Policy
Session 20K Competition and Innovation
Session 21K* Measuring Social Interactions with Large Microdata
Session 23K Sports Economics and Incentives
Session 24K Political Science Experiments
Session 25K Residuals
Session 26K Topics in Labor Economics and Health
Session 27K Don Lavoie Graduate Student Paper Competition Winning Papers
Session 28K Health Care Disparities


Monday, 1:00 p.m.

Session 01L Banks and Risk
Session 02L Empirical Evaluation Studies
Session 03L Fiscal Policies
Session 04L Research Publishing Challenges and Strategies
Session 05L Topics in the Economics of Education and Gender
Session 06L Student Aid Programs
Session 07L Welfare, Poverty and Growth
Session 08L Teaching Economics Topics
Session 09L Hospitals, Health Care Clinics, and Beds
Session 11L Crime and Punishment
Session 12L Topics in Heterodox Economics
Session 13L Smoking and Tobacco
Session 14L International Finance, Lending and Debt
Session 15L Marriage and Divorce
Session 16L Productivity of Firms and Countries
Session 17L Decision-Making in Risky Settings
Session 18L Indian Country Economics
Session 19L Topics in Business Cycles and Labor Markets
Session 20L Designing Mechanisms
Session 21L Mergers and Markups
Session 23L Markets for Athletes
Session 24L Experiments Examining the Effect of Gender and Personality
Session 25L Research Experience for Undergraduates
Session 26L The Impact of Demographic and Economic Factors on Health
Session 27L Entrepreneurship Across Institutions I
Session 28L The Affordable Care Act


Monday, 2:45 p.m.

Session S6 Complimentary Beverages


Monday, 3:00 p.m.

Session 01M Stocks and Bonds
Session 02M Empirical Macroeconomics
Session 03M Federal Government Policies and Structures
Session 04M Analysis of State Policies and Programs
Session 05M Topics in Applied Microeconomics
Session 06M Public Goods and Externalities
Session 07M Education and Child Development in Developing Countries
Session 08M Topics in Industrial Organization
Session 09M Public Economics
Session 11M Electoral and Other Selection Mechanisms
Session 12M Public Health Insurance
Session 13M Doctors and Nurses
Session 14M International Finance and Foreign Exchange
Session 15M Topics in Race and U.S. History
Session 16M Economics and Chess
Session 17M Risk and Consumer Choice
Session 18M Economics of Law Enforcement and Addictive Behavior
Session 19M Current Economic Topics
Session 20M Behavioral Economics II
Session 21M Shocks and Business Cycles
Session 23M Energy Economics II
Session 24M Gender Gaps
Session 25M Regulation
Session 26M Environmental Economics
Session 27M Entrepreneurship Across Institutions II
Session 28M Technology, Human Capital and the Environment