Cvent Guidance (Virtual Only Sessions)

Cvent Attendee Hub
Session Chair/Moderator Responsibilities
Tips for Chairing/Moderating a Breakout Session (Virtual Only)

Cvent Attendee Hub Login

Cvent Attendee Hub

Cvent Attendee Hub is available as a web browser platform and a mobile phone application. Cvent Attendee Hub has a listing of the full program agenda, a listing of the meeting attendees, and other resources and information. The Zoom Client for Meetings is embedded in Cvent Attendee Hub.

Please note that breakout sessions will only be accessible by logging into Cvent Attendee Hub from a web browser. The mobile phone application will display the program agenda and other resources, but will not launch the Zoom Client for Meetings.

Each session description will include a URL to access the breakout session. Breakout session pages will update with a link to Join Session 5 minutes before the scheduled start time.

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Session Chair/Moderator Responsibilities

Session chairs/moderators will be responsible for facilitating the use of Cvent Attendee Hub in virtual only breakout sessions. Chairs/moderators will have host privileges for the Zoom meeting, which will allow for making other presenters co-hosts (for screen sharing), as well as management of attendees (including muting and ejection).

Chairs/moderators should note that the provided host URL is unique. Chairs/moderators should not share the host URL with other attendees and participants. Other presenters, panelists, discussants, and attendees will join the session using an attendee URL that will be embedded in the Cvent Attendee Hub session description and will display 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.

To effectively manage the session, chairs/moderators assume responsibility for the following:

  • Determining how much time presenters and discussants (if applicable) will have to speak;
  • Deciding which paper(s) each discussant will discuss (if applicable);
  • Ensuring authors send papers to discussants on time (if applicable);
  • Making preparations for brief introductions of speakers;and
  • Ensuring that the session begins and ends on time and that authors and discussants stay within the time limits allowed.

  • Chairs/moderators are encouraged to leave enough time at the end of each session for questions and comments from the audience. Chairs/moderators, who are unable or unwilling to assume the above responsibilities should immediately contact the SEA office at so that alternative arrangements can be made to support the session.

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    Tips for Chairing/Moderating a Breakout Session (Virtual)

    Follow these instructions if you are chairing/moderating a breakout session remotely through Cvent Attendee Hub.

    1. Download Zoom. Prior to your session, download the Zoom Client for Meetings on the device you will be using to host the session. This ensures you have access to additional meeting controls that are not available within the browser version of Zoom.

    2. Get familiar with meeting controls. To learn more about the features and controls available within a Zoom meeting, watch Zoom’s overview video on Meeting Controls.

    3. Have your Meeting Start URL handy. This link is included in the correspondence sent to all session chairs and moderators. To launch the breakout session, the chair/moderator must click the chair/moderator link within 10 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. A ‘Join Session’ link will appear for presenters and attendees to join the session from Cvent Attendee Hub 5 minutes prior to the scheduled start time. Please contact the SEA office if you cannot locate this link.

    4. Rename yourself once you start the meeting. Your name will be listed as “Session Host” when you join the meeting. Click Participants in the Host Controls, then locate yourself on the list. Hover your cursor over the name and click the More button that appears, then Rename.

    5. Assign other presenters as meeting co-hosts. To allow other presenters to share screen for their presentations, the chair/moderator should make those individuals co-hosts after launching the meeting. There are two ways to make a user a co-host:

    During a meeting: (1) Hover over a user’s video; (2) Click the ellipsis icon; (3) Click Make Co-Host.

    Using the participants window: (1) Click Participants in the meeting controls at the bottom of the Zoom window; (2) Hover over the name of the participant who is going to be a co-host, and choose More; (3) Click Make Co-Host.

    6. Monitor attendee feedback. Keep an eye on the chat and respond to any attendee questions as needed.

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